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Every year, seniors face the risk of falling and injuring themselves, especially in bathrooms.  That is why it is important to make bathroom safety modifications for seniors.  This includes bathtub conversions and bathtub to shower replacements that improve accessibility along with grab bar installations that provide stability and support.

We have been helping seniors modify their bathrooms for over 12 years.  We offer the finest quality accessible safety equipment meeting all ADA guidelines. Call us for a quotation if you are ready to modify your bath today!

Tub to Shower Conversion

Cut the Tub – Bathtub Conversion Packages Add Step-in & Walk-Through Accessibility

From $1,495

  • Convert your existing bathtub into a step-in and walk-through accessible tub.
  • This conversion will help seniors get into and out of the bathtub.
  • We convert your bathtub in less than 3 hours using CleanCut bathtub conversion options.

Grab Bar Installation

Stability & Support

Grab Bar Installation Only $99.
(Grab Bars Sold Separately)

  • Grab bars prevent slips and falls and provide safety for seniors or those with disabilities.
  • Install them inside or outside your tub or shower, next to the toilet, or any other location to improve safety.

Tub to Walk-in Shower Replacement

Switch your tub to a walk-in shower easily Accessible & Safe


  • Transform your existing tub into a walk-in shower.
  • Improve accessibility and avoid trips because a walk-in shower does not require stepping over a high ledge.

Ask us about our tub-to-shower remodel package in 3 days or less.