Bathtub Conversion

Cut the Tub and Make it a Walk-in Tub or Shower
Affordable Bath Accessibility Without the Expense of Remodeling!

CleanCut Bathtub Conversion (CleanCut) options are designed for older adults and those with disabilities interested in easier access to their bathtub. A CleanCut can be installed in most bathtubs.

Every year, thousands of seniors are injured from slips and falls while stepping in and out of a bathtub. The CleanCut reduces the risk of injury by providing a step-in and walk-through accessible tub.

The installation of a CleanCut is easy. It involves cutting a section of the side of your existing tub and custom-fitting a CleanCut, resulting in an opening. Seniors can easily walk through the opening without the need for stepping over the ridge of the tub.

Conversion Steps

Convert your tub to a shower in 3 simple steps:

1. Cut existing tub
2. Remove area
3. Install product

CleanCut features include:

Conversion Video

3 Retrofit Packages Available*

Package 1 - The Step $1,295
Package 2 - The Ultra-Low $1,395
Package 3 - Convertible $1,595